How do I volunteer for a clinical trial?

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Step 1: Fill Out an Online Application

You can compare our current trials, here and apply for as many as you like. Pay close attention to the time commitments of the study and the dates you will be required to attend Linear, as well as the key eligibility requirements. The online application will take 5-10 minutes and will ask you about your personal details and some medical information. 

Step 2: Pre-screening Over the Phone

The next step will be for one of our friendly recruitment team members to give you a call and confirm the responses you gave in your online application. If you were able to book a screening appointment, we will still need to speak with you over the phone to confirm your appointment. 

If you have submitted an application and haven’t heard from us, please see the following FAQ’s:

I applied for clinical trials, but I haven’t heard back?

I applied for a clinical trial, but was told I’m not eligible?

Step 3: Attend an In-Person Screening Appointment

If you are eligible for a screening appointment, our team will arrange a date and time for the appointment, and explain the screening procedures involved – generally, the screening appointment is a comprehensive medical check-up, and your results can be sent to you upon request. The screening team and doctors will determine whether or not you are eligible for the trial based on your results, and contact you to inform you of the outcome. Some trials may require a second appointment, such as an eye test, before we can fully determine whether or not you are eligible to participate.

Step 4: Participate in a Trial and Help Medical Research

The last step is to participate in a clinical trial with us! This will involve completing all of the study requirements that the trial you’re participating in consists of. This may include a period of staying in our clinic and attending follow up appointments, or the trial could be appointment only study. If you’re curious about what is involved in study participation, jump to our "During a Trial" Questions section, here. You can also find information about payment for participation, here.

Ready to apply for a trial? Compare our current trials here

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