I applied for a clinical trial, but was told I’m not eligible?

Each trial has its own requirements that determine whether or not an applicant is eligible to participate. Often, trial applicants may not be eligible for a particular trial, but eligible for another, based on the criteria specific to each trial.

General reasons that an applicant may not be eligible for a particular trial they have applied for can include: use of medication which is not allowed for the trial, being outside the age range required for the trial, not meeting the requirements for birth control, or having a particular condition or illness which would make participation in the trial unsafe for the applicant.

Some applicants may not be eligible for any of our Healthy Volunteer trials due to a significant illness or disease, but may be eligible for a patient trial targeting their condition. 

Please note that applicants with a recent history of recreational drug use, drug abuse or alcoholism, or recent major surgery, will not be eligible for any of our trials until a certain “washout period” has passed.

If you applied for a trial and are unsure of why you were not eligible, you are welcome to contact our Recruitment team on 1300 546 327 or get in touch via the Contact Us page here. You can also find another trial here that you may be eligible to participate in.

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