What happens during a clinical trial?

Every trial is different, but generally speaking you’ll be admitted to our clinical trial centre in Perth the night before the study starts.

The safety and security of our team and participants is our priority, so on arrival your bag will be searched and you’ll undergo some standard tests, which may include screening for recreational drugs and an alcohol breath test.

With the admission process complete, you’ll be escorted to your assigned bed, with lockable drawers and a personal locker for your belongings. Read ‘What do you provide, and what do I need to bring?’ for more information about meals, entertainment and more.

During your stay, you’ll have several tests, including blood sampling, ECG measurements (traces of your heart rhythm) and blood pressure, and you will, of course, receive a dose of the study drug or a placebo.

All your individual study requirements will be outlined in your information sheet and consent form, including details about the length of your study (studies can range from two days to one month in duration).

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