Who collects and views my personal information?

When you apply for a trial, we collect the information you provide and store it securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Any general personal information we collect may be viewed by members of the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the trial (the sponsor), the Human Research Ethics Committee who approved the trial, and government regulatory agencies (including the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Moreover, throughout your trial our medical officers and staff will collect and record a range of medical information relating to your health, but this data can only be accessed by Linear personnel.

When the clinical trial results are reported in a formal document to the trial’s sponsor, you will only be identified through a clinical trial identification number. When the study is complete, your information is archived and only Linear personnel have access to your personal information.

Please note, when you arrive for each visit to our clinic, you’ll be asked to provide photo ID (eg. a driver’s licence, passport, proof of ID card) to verify your identity.

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