What are the risks associated with a clinical trial? Are clinical trials safe?

New treatments undergo extensive testing before they can be tested in clinical trials, and each trial requires approval by an independent, government-registered ethics committee. 

While we do everything in our power to eliminate risk, there may be risks associated with participating in a clinical trial. We take every effort to determine any risks during pre-clinical and early clinical studies, but there may be side effects and other health risks that we are unable to anticipate, mainly because side effects can differ from person to person. All our participants are monitored by our team of clinical and medical professionals while on a trial, and the principal study doctor for each trial can be contacted at any time if required.

In short, you’ll have the very best clinical and medical professionals looking after you, but there is no way to predict with 100% certainty how a treatment will affect any given individual.

Further information about the safety of our trials can be found here.

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