How long will it take for my payment to be processed?

Your payment is processed and released approximately one week after completion of the trial you participated in. For longer studies, you may receive several payments at set points during the study. These payment times will be discussed with you if they are relevant to the study you participate in. In the majority of cases, our Finance Team processes payments on Tuesdays. Funds can take 2-4 business days following release to appear in your account depending on your bank. Therefore please allow up to 2 weeks after completion of your trial to receive your payment. 
Unforeseen administrative tasks may delay payment; for example, should you provide incorrect bank details, your payment will bounce back, resulting in a significant delay in you receiving your payment. 
If you only complete part of the trial, for example, if you participate in a trial with three follow-up appointments, but only complete two follow-up appointments you will receive a reduced payment that will be processed shortly after your completion; the timing of this may be discussed with you.

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