Will I be paid for participating in a clinical trial?

In most instances, healthy volunteer participants in a clinical trial are eligible for remuneration that cover their time, travel expenses and parking; however, the payment, which has to be approved by the Ethics Committee, is not intended to cover loss of earnings or any other financial loss resulting from participating in clinical research. Travel and parking expenses are factored into this payment and will not be separately reimbursed. 
There is no cost for joining a clinical trial – all study-related medications, tests and procedures are provided at no charge to participants.
If, for any reason, you’re unable to complete the clinical trial, you’ll receive a partial payment based on the number of visits you have made to our unit.
It is important to note that no deductions for taxation purposes will be made and participants are solely responsible for reporting all payment amounts on their tax return. 
No remuneration is paid for attending a screening appointment only, unless otherwise stated. 

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