Do I need to follow any restrictions while participating in a clinical trial?

Every trial has different requirements, but there are some common lifestyle restrictions across most of our trials. Generally, we require participants to refrain from strenuous exercise during the trial, and for a period of time before the trial begins. This is because exercise can temporarily affect the levels of certain substances in your body, which may appear abnormal in blood tests and disqualify you from participating in the trial, or make it difficult to determine which effects are due to the study drug (or placebo) and which are the result of exercise.

It is also common for a trial to require that you avoid certain foods such as grapefruit and starfruit, as they contain compounds which may affect how your body metabolises a study drug. Alternatively, a trial may require that you consume particular foods (eg. a high-fat breakfast which is provided) as part of the study. 

Additionally, caffeine and alcohol are not allowed in the clinic during in-house stays for all of our trials, and cannot be provided to participants.

You can find the relevant restrictions for all of our trials on our Current Trials Page here

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