What do you provide, and what do I need to bring? What can I spend my time on while in the clinic?

All your meals* and linen will be provided throughout your stay, as well as wireless internet access. You’ll also find a communal PlayStation, TV, and DVD player within the unit, but feel free to bring your laptop computer, books, magazines, iPods, or other small devices. Many participants use their time in the clinic to catch up on work, study, or to relax.

You should also bring:

  • toiletries
  • light clothes
  • enclosed footwear (you must always wear these in the unit)
  • Additional bedding (blankets and your own pillows) to make your stay more comfortable

We’ll provide more details about the requirements for your study in your information sheet and consent form, including information about the duration of your study (studies can range from two days to one month). Please note, you’re not allowed to bring recreational drugs, alcohol, food or chocolate into the facility. Any positive tests for recreational drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated and you will be excluded from the trial.

*You will not be able to change your dietary requirement once admitted to the clinic. We can only cater for basic requirements (eg. Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Pescatarian, Gluten free) and specific foods you are allergic to.

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